CRM Solution and Services

Why CRM?

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We all know that today's customers are increasingly moving away from conventional to more 'next-gen' ways in interacting with enterprises and buying products and services. To keep pace with shifting customer's consumption patterns, enterprises must provide a unified customer experience across all touchpoints and channels. Like stores, call centers, websites, social networks, mobile, kiosks and interactive television. The customer experience is the major influencer when it comes to buying decisions, brand impression and sustainability of customer relationships. Adapting to a changing market dynamic and providing superior customer experience are critically important for every enterprise.

Why Choose Us

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You organizations must not only identify the best CRM technologies for their business, but must also employ effective change management strategies to align their people and processes with customer relationship goals. In summary building a solid CRM foundation is no easy task. Our CRM practice professionals possess significant experience in implementing CRM solutions in a variety of industries. We can help your company on successful implementation of CRM package, from sales management to marketing automation to customer support and service.

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We implement different CRM products, including Oracle Siebel CRM, Our services include full lifecycle project implementation from understanding the business process, requirement gathering, gap-analysis, development, implementation and maintenance to testing, upgrades and managed services.

Our professionals have experience in implementing CRM solutions in Banking, Finance and Insurance, Consumer Goods, Healthcare industry.