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eMeN Global successfully provided customers in the health care industry and also have successfully built world class global wellness application.

We bring best practices and industry solutions to suit specific health care models to our customers.

We specialize in

Advanced Healthcare analytics

Data Management, Migration and Data Storage


Healthcare Mobile Application

Advanced Healthcare analytics

healthcare analytics

eMeN Global delivers analytics for healthcare that provides a unified picture of the patient and healthcare operations directly to analysts – blending data from any source, providing easy-to-use analysis, and enabling insight to decision makers without long delays.

New regulations and policies are changing the healthcare industry. However, the biggest change is the role the patient - their expectations, choices, and interactions are all changing. This is producing a new flood of data that, along with decision makers’ expectations for analysis, is overwhelming the IT departments of many healthcare organizations

We specialize :

Descriptive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Prescriptive Analytics

We have a talented and experienced pool of people in Big data and Data science, Technology in Hadoop, Text analysis, SAS, R, Mahut and Cassandera. With use of these cutting edge technologies we are providing greater insights in area like

Patient who are at risk to require hospitalization, skilled nursing, inpatient rehabilitation, or end-of-life support within the next six months and the events that can be prevented or mitigated with timely intervention

Data Management, Migration and Data Storage

data management

This is a critical part of managing, analyzing information so healthcare providers can offer optimum service to their customers/ patients.

As lot of data in healthcare companies are stored in disparate system , and in various formats ( xls , text , Hardcopy ) and different database ( access , SQL , Oracle , Mainframe etc ) we at eMeN global provide various Data Management solutions

We specialize :

Data cleansing and analysis of source data

Extraction and transformation

Validation and repair

Use of data in new system/ programs

Our tools are proven and tested and implemented by experts who have years of experience in migrating valuable data from multiple legacy systems into current systems.

Patient who are at risk to require hospitalization, skilled nursing, inpatient rehabilitation, or end-of-life support within the next six months and the events that can be prevented or mitigated with timely intervention



Patients today are empowered and engaged through Social, mobile and in-home self-monitoring tools. These tools enable health consumers to manage their health conditions and receive advice, support and care without leaving home. We help the Healthcare organizations that integrate these tools so they can offer patients better care and greater satisfaction while reducing the cost of care.

Our consulting offerings include :

Strategy and technology roadmaps.

Gap assessment services.

Validation and repair

How to leverage gamification to improve awareness, compliance and patient satisfaction.

We combined our consulting, solutions and implementation abilities to first deliver a complete strategy and roadmap for realizing the client’s consumer-centric business and IT vision. We help Organizations in collecting the data through social-mobile-analytics-cloud (SMAC) Stack infrastructure and providing analytics insights to help the client proactively identify and engage higher risk patients. Game mechanics, self-monitoring and virtual coaching helped the client offer members a new channel to learn and take control of their condition with value added services for better self-monitoring and health management, creating a foundation for reducing medical costs.

Healthcare Mobile Application

healthcare mobile

The global healthcare industry is quickly recognizing the benefits of mobility-enabled applications and data. Mobile technologies can help support healthcare providers with data: anytime-anywhere, reducing medication errors by as much as 80%. Mobile technologies can also make a significant difference to other areas within the healthcare sector such as remote patient monitoring, telemedicine, education and awareness, training of healthcare workers, disease management, compliance with taking medications, locating a pharmacy / hospital, or availability of health records and medical tourism.

Offerings :

Mobile applications to present the user with surveys for evaluating their current health status and identifying different health risk factors, based on identifying behaviors and creating an appropriate well-being plan

Mobile applications for patients to receive alerts / reminders via their cell phones to take medications,test blood glucose levels / blood pressure, go for walks, etc.

Automatic upload of test records from home monitoring devices (such as glucometer, BP meter, weighing scale, etc.) to track trends

Mobile and PC applications to help patients track their health data using different trackers, e.g., nutrition tracker, weight tracker, etc.

Mobile and PC applications to present the user with relevant videos and articles for their area of interest in health improvement

Mobile and PC applications for live chat with coaches and physicians

Field force management solutions

Solutions to enable field force of medical device companies to secure data instantly to better serve physician and customer needs.

Mobile-enabled field sales personnel provide ready-made answers to customers

Physician training applications

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